The Val Pomaro restaurant cuisine combines the dishes of the Venetian tradition to that of the modern kitchen with special combinations and sophisticated compositions, always putting in first place, however, the pleasure for the palate.


Since 1957, the year of the opening, are proposed Venetian classic dishes such as bigoli, meats and its garden products, all rigorously prepared by the skilful hands of the cooks.

Menus are also prepared constantly changing, born from the imagination and by culinary chefs.

To accompany the dishes can not miss a good wine: the restaurant offers a selection of over 150 Italian wines, with special preference for those products in the Euganean Hills.

Also part of the raw materials are produced by the owners of the restaurant: from herbs with olive oil, salami, all followed with passion and prepared according to ancient traditions.

Particular attention is given to desserts:
being the last dish the guest eats must remain as a particularly pleasant memory.

Discover all dishes from Val Pomaro

Il ristorante offre molte specialità a base di carne e di pesce:
classici antipasti, raffinati primi piatti,
secondi ricercati, dolci particolarmente piacevoli.
Il tutto preparato secondo tradizione.