Discover our selection of first courses, where culinary tradition meets innovation, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients to offer you an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

A classic of Venetian tradition reimagined with the touch of Ristorante Val Pomaro is the bigoli with ragù, tomato, and porcini mushrooms. This traditional recipe is reinterpreted by our chefs to provide a unique culinary experience that combines the authentic flavors of Venetian cuisine with a touch of creativity.

We also offer typical first courses such as ravioli and gnocchi enriched with the flavors of seasonal products. Our ravioli are prepared with high-quality fillings that vary according to the seasons, ensuring freshness and taste in every bite. The gnocchi, soft and delicious, are seasoned with rich and fragrant sauces that enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients.

Thanks to this attention to seasonal products and the continuous search for new flavor combinations, Ristorante Val Pomaro manages to offer innovative and always unique dishes, ready to be savored. Each visit to our restaurant becomes a different culinary journey, capable of surprising and delighting the most demanding palates.

Come and enjoy our first courses at Ristorante Val Pomaro and let yourself be won over by our passion for cooking, expressed in every detail of our dishes. Each course is designed to enhance authentic flavors and offer a unique experience.

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