Start your culinary journey with our selection of appetizers, prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients, perfect for tantalizing your taste buds.

You can find the “Val Pomaro” board, which offers a variety of our homemade sopressa, ossocollo, and pancetta, along with mortadella, pickled vegetables, cheese, and warm focaccia, designed to be shared (min. 2 people).

Our appetizers are also crafted to offer tastes and flavors according to the products of each season, such as appetizers featuring zucchini flowersricotta, and basil, or combining flavors of the sea and land with seared shrimp on an eggplant cream, burrata, truffle, and hazelnuts.

Lastly, our menu offers a beef tartare prepared in unique and special variations that add an innovative and fresh touch to your appetizer. Each variation of our tartare is carefully designed to enhance the natural and delicate flavor of the beef, paired with selected ingredients that enrich its taste.

Come and discover our selection of appetizers, perfect for starting your meal at Ristorante Val Pomaro with style and taste. Each dish is designed to offer a unique experience, highlighting the authentic flavors of our cuisine.

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